Tesla Electrical Parade LightShow

Here is a fun light show I made for any Tesla using xLights.


  • Unarchive the file and then make sure the files are in a folder called “LightShow” (probably case sensitive) in the root of a USB drive.
  • Insert into your Tesla glovebox port.
  • Call up the Light Show function in the ToyBox.
  • When you initiate the light show, it should load from the drive. If it doesn’t work, then check for proper naming of folder and that it’s in the root. If still doesn’t work, try another USB drive.


Welcome to the New Website!

After deleting my entire new website once (that’s what I get for not backing up the mySQL database!) – I’ve gotten good at building the whole thing from scratch. It started from me wanting to post things that I’ve figured out how to do so others maybe don’t have to scour the InterGoogle as hard. That plus the fact that I haven’t updated my site since 2005, thought it may be a good idea to step into the now.

Anyhoo, here it is.