What I’m Using – Simple IP Config

I find the need, sometimes daily, to change the IP address of my computer as I slide from network to network. Over the years I have used several tools and sadly, they have died off by being forgotten. Lately I’ve been using a tool that is still actively supported, is free, and extremely useful; KurtisLiggett’s Simple IP Config is very easy to use and extremely portable.

The way I use my installation is I have the portable (uninstalled) version of the app on a cloud folder along with its configuration file. The beauty of this is that I can open the app on any computer that has a synced copy of that cloud folder and the configuration file is already there too. So as I add new locations to the list of IP addresses, any computer I use will have the updated info as well.

So if you need to change IP addresses constantly, this app should be your go to.

Simple IP Config