Moving Light Assistant – GrandMA2 Auto Patch and Stage Layout

Helpful steps in using MLA to automatically patch show and set XYZ values for fixtures based upon a fully populated Lightwright file.

GrandMA2 onPC

  • Create show with fixtures added and channel numbers correct per Lightwright. No need to patch. Script only uses channel numbers and not fixture numbers.
  • Enable Telnet in desk settings.
  • Start Session.
  • Do not have patch window open.


  • Delete any unpatched items from file.
  • Change address format to 1/100.
  • Run Export MLA in Automated Actions.

Moving Light Assistant

  • Import as ‘TEXT FILE’ and not Lightwright file
  • Tab Delimited, Ignore First, Lightwright format.
  • Change as below images show
Import settings in MLA
Also associate XYZ with VW Position
  • Import and delete any blanks.
  • Connect to console and login using built in GrandMA2 utility.
  • Run the script MA2 Patch Position Name Fixtures. Download here. Drop this file into the Moving Light Assistant / Scripts folder.

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